Backup My Contacts Free - Easily and Safely Store All Your Contacts App Reviews

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Fake. ,,, it’s maximum only 100 contacts,, if you want more you have to pay فاشل ،،، حده ينسخ لك 100 اسم فقط واذا تبي زياده لازم تشتري تطبيق آخر

Free version

Backup is limited to 100 contacts

Backup it all

Works perfect

Not great

Does not restore all contacts ..and duplicates..iPhone deletes my contacts all the time I need a reliable backup


LOVE this App!! Awesome! Lost contacts 3x b4 I got it..... Now would recommend to ALL!! Thanks.

Contact back up

So far so good.. It's got a HEMMI!!!

Not free...

Says in description launch special get it free while you can. It's not free unless you have less than 100 contacts. Deliberate lie and any company that practices business this way is not to be trusted.


Did a "backup". The app sent me an e-mail of my supposed contacts and then duplicated every single contact in my contact list. And since I use a group program some contacts are in more than one group so the app graciously created more than one copy of each contact. For instance one contact could be in phone numbers, family and birthday bunch. The app created three more contacts in addition to the one I already had that was just listed in three groups. Thanks for the 4 hours it took me to delete and reconfigure my contact list. It's 4:00 AM and that's what I'm doing thanks to this app.


This sounds like a good app. Just downloaded but when I tried to open the app it crashed. Will change review when fixed.

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